Improving public services

Good service-delivery by local public authorities can reinforce economic growth. The Mark of Good Public Services (MGPS) allows local authorities to significantly improve their service-delivery to businesses.

We developed the MGPS in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and in co-creation with a dozen pilot-municipalities, the Dutch association of local authorities, and representatives of various business associations. The MGPS methodology has been implemented in over 160 local authorities such as municipalities and provinces.

 “Outside in”

The MGPS is an instrument that improves your service-delivery based on 10 quality standards. MGPS projects move from the outside in. That means that customer experience take center stage. Customer experience is, quite simply, how customers perceive their every interaction with their local authorities. Businesses are asked: “When is the service-delivery of your local authority adequate?” Asking businesses this question provides concrete insights into the strengths and weaknesses of local authorities.

By engaging in a transparent dialogue with businesses, we formulate realistic improvement measures together. The result of an MGPS project always consists of a measurement report and an action plan. The measurement report spells out the current strengths and weaknesses of the local authority. The action plan defines the improvement measures that must be taken in order to significantly improve service-delivery to businesses. Local authorities receive a certification upon successful completion of a MGPS project.

Concrete results

By introducing the MGPS into your country, you can save on costs incurred by local public authorities, improve the ease of doing business, generate local economic growth and stimulate job creation. In addition, the MGPS can be instrumental in establishing standards for good governance and increase transparency and public participation.

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