Local Impact Assessment

Choices have to be made whenever local authorities establish municipal by-laws. A local Impact Assessment help local authorities by making all the effects of policy choices clearly visible. This makes local Impact Assessments an important element of any policy-evaluation-cycle.

Making the right choice

Local authorities respond with their policy choices to whatever happens in society. In order to make the right choice it is extremely useful to understand all the effects, costs and benefits of proposed policy choices. A local Impact Assessment is an instrument that allows local authorities to visualise and calculate the effects of their policy choices. This enables them to quickly identify cost saving measures, reduce regulatory burdens, and improve service-delivery.

The results of a local Impact Assessment

A local Impact Assessment guides local authorities through an evaluation of existing policies: “Should policies be reformulated or adjusted to bring them more in line with stated policy goals?” It also guides local authorities through the optimisation of core procedures: “What can you do to optimise the processes in your organisation and how much will that save you in costs?” A local Impact Assessment also provides clear insight into the impact and possible risks associated with policy choices. Finally a local Impact Assessment gives an overview of the effects and costs of policy alternatives.

Developed in collaboration with and on behalf of local authorities

The local Impact Assessment method has been developed in close collaboration with the Dutch association of local authorities, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, as well as a great number of pioneering local authorities.

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