Reducing local red tape

Municipalities, provinces and other local authorities often are the first point of contact when they encounter constraining regulations or slow procedures. We support local authorities in their efforts to reduce unnecessary local regulatory burdens.

Local legislation

Municipal by-laws are one example of local legislation. Local rules and requirements are a cause of regulatory burden. In addition local authorities are responsible for certain national regulations. The way they handle this responsibility can also be a cause of regulatory burden.

Deregulation program

We have developed a deregulation program that is aimed at establishing appropriate rules and processes for local authorities. In this program we focus on cleaning up old regulations and superfluous requirements. We also investigate whether or not existing regulations and processes are still functional. To this end we ask the question: “What principles, choices and arguments support existing regulations or processes?” We quantify the regulatory burdens imposed by regulations on businesses and citizens, and the costs incurred by local authorities.

After completing our analysis, we formulate concrete improvement measures together with local authorities. Furthermore we quantify the effect of each improvement measure and identify what is required for their successful implementation.

Toward appropriate rules and processes

IIn our experience local authorities are nearly always able to significantly reduce regulatory burdens, simplify their procedures and improve their service-delivery. The implementation of improvement measures achieves results that are directly measureable. This means that there is always concrete evidence to measure the level of success of a deregulation program.

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