Sira Consulting’s distinctive strengths are client-focus, expertise, and innovation. Clients are the reason that our firm exists, and are at the heart of everything we do. Our expertise is grounded in the specific knowledge and experience of our colleagues. We are all academically trained consultants with diverse backgrounds and international experience. This unique blend of expertise allows us to innovate and serve our clients well. They see us as the strategic sparring partner for complex and diverse issues concerning regulatory reform and red tape reduction.

Jan Wouter Vorderman

“I enjoy meeting entrepreneurs to talk about the legislative challenges they face during the implementation of their ideas”

Jan Wouter is an involved and assertive consultant. With his research-oriented and analytical skills, he accurately maps complex problems of entrepreneurs dealing with policy and regulatory provisions. Jan Wouter is an experienced project manager who likes to work intensively with stakeholders and strives to obtain solutions which deliver an advantage for all involved parties. Sectors in which Jan Wouter gained profound expertise, are the environment, the built environment/construction sector and waste management.

Jan Wouter has researched the regulatory burden of the new Dutch Environmental Law. On the moment, he is placed in the programme ‘Smart Regulation’ in the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. In this programme, he facilitates innovative investments for entrepreneurs in the construction sector, by considering solutions within executive governance, laws, regulations and policies. Formerly he was placed as project manager within the Dutch Real Estate Agency, on the topic safety and health.


Regulatory costs check

Pensioenfondsen investeren tijd en moeite om te voldoen aan de wetten en regels van de overheid. Om welk deel van de totale kosten gaat het eigenlijk? En wat betekent dit voor de investeringsruimte?