How local governments can cut red tape


Sira Consulting has achieved tangible burden reductions and better service delivery for many local and regional public authorities. We do so by exchanging knowledge and experience on the optimisation of local regulations and administrative procedures with over 300 municipalities, provinces and other regional public authorities. Our combined efforts improve local and regional competiveness and result in new investments leading to economic growth and job creation.

Our strength is that we know how to overcome political, administrative and juridical challenges. By consulting all relevant stakeholders, we recognise and address possible risks and resolve political or juridical complications before they even appear.

Towards local economic growth and creation of jobs

The challenge for local or regional authorities is to stimulate economic growth and public participation. We can share best practices with you that are pioneered by many different cities and municipalities around the world. Together we can combine our practical experience with your local knowledge and identify the most optimal solutions for your local challenges. We improve your service-delivery, stimulate local entrepreneurship, improve the ease of doing business, and increase public participation of citizens.

Our services

Below you find a list of our services. For each service we describe briefly what it entails and what makes our project approach and methodology innovative. We have over a decade of experience with reducing local red tape and improving service-delivery. We always make sure that our projects are tailored to your needs and your specific circumstances, by closely cooperating with you.

If you want to know more about our projects and experience please do not hesitate to contact us.


Reducing local red tape

Municipalities, provinces and other local authorities often are the first point of contact when they encounter constraining regulations or slow procedures. We support local authorities in their efforts to reduce unnecessary local regulatory burden

Improving public services

Good service-delivery by local public authorities can reinforce economic growth. The Mark of Good Public Services (MGPS) allows local authorities to significantly improve their service-delivery to businesses.

We developed the MGPS in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and in co-creation with a dozen pilot-municipalities, the Dutch association of local authorities, and representatives of various business associations. The MGPS methodology has been implemented in well over 160 local authorities such as municipalities and provinces.

Local Impact Assessment

Choices have to be made whenever local authorities establish municipal by-laws. A Local Impact Assessment helps local authorities by making all the effects of policy choices clearly visible. This makes Local Impact Assessments an important element of any policy-evaluation-cycle.